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Jared and I have one other obsession beyond cocktails and mixed drinks. FOOD! We're both trained chefs, hence our problem or dilemma or obsession.
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“Take-Out” Sesame Ginger Chicken

“Take-Out” Sesame Ginger Chicken - A Dash of Sanity - - featured at the Party On The Porch: Crafts, Cuisines & Clever DIYs

We miss these bad puppies. They were a regular late-night snack when we lived in Manhattan. The shop down the block from our flat not only made the best falafel, but also had the best house-made tahini sauce for topping.

Spicy falafels

Only 105 cal diet Spicy falafels recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

It's true, it's true, it's really true. Real men (and women) do eat quiche, especially when it's as rich and moreish as this simple recipe for a classic quiche lorraine.

Ultimate quiche Lorraine

Ultimate quiche Lorraine ~ made this tonight, and it is the crumbliest pastry I have EVER made! Didn't blind bake it though, just pricked base then baked for it was perfect.

We never deep-fry food in the house. And last night was no exception. Too messy, too many calories, take it from there. But we love Buffalo Wings with a crème fraîche and blue cheese dipping sauce.  This baked recipe offers up a fast, moreish way to make this fun treat. Don't forget the corn on the cob and celery sticks!

Baked Buffalo Wings - These easy to make hot wings are crispy without being fried. You can add more cayenne or use a higher hot sauce to butter ratio if you like them spicier!

Korean BBQ Short Ribs (Gal-Bi)  Jared's favourite Korean dish next to Bibambap.

Easy Recipe For Korean BBQ ~ You can also substitute chicken breast or sliced rib-eye for the short ribs. If you use chicken or rib-eye, you must add thinly sliced green onion tops.

Another house staple now that we've found a great source for skirt steak from a local beef producer.

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas

This shallot tart tat in has become the go-to starter for most lunch or dinner guests for the past year. Since we grow way too many shallots over the winter, it's the best way to celebrate the harvest. Jared adds a special touch: Lightly grill the slices of goat's cheese under the broiler before service.

Shallot tarte tatin with goat's cheese

Shallot tarte tatin with goat's cheese - James Martin's easy, rustic cheese and onion tart is sure to become a weekend favourite. Perhaps omit goat's cheese?

Better than anything found in an Indian restaurant or takeaway!

Fragrant pilau rice

An essential part of a homemade curry feast, pilau rice uses just a few store cupboard spices for authentic flavour.