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The Kitchen Garden: Cotswolds 2015

Since 2010, we have grown an insane number of botanicals, fruits, and vegetables. This year we are re-planning the entire garden to suit our needs not only in the kitchen but at Jared's distillery, Sipsmith Limited, London.
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NEW: Gooseberry 'Invicta' is a green culinary cultivar that has some resistance to mildew and leaf spot. It crops heavily and has quite good flavour. Very vigorous with a spreading habit and large thorns. Young shoots can be damaged on exposed sites. A mid-season gooseberry, fruiting slightly earlier than 'Careless'. Cut previous growth back to 2 buds in winter. Prune out centre shoots to form an open structure. [PLANTED 20 MAR 2015]

Now in their fifth season, three Ben Connan blackcurrant bushes. This is a culinary cultivar with large fruit of excellent flavour on medium long strigs. It produces heavy crops early in the season and has a compact habit. Prune right after harvest. [Established 2010]

How to pick the best strawberries

NEW: 'Mara de Bois' apparently puts the "awe" into strawberry - with a taste like a wild strawberry, but the size of a cultivated one. Perpetual cropper. [Started 20 MAR 2015]

NEW: An outstanding dessert strawberry of excellent flavour and colour. Plants are vigorous with an erect habit and has very good resistance to powdery mildew and other fungal leaf diseases. Crops 10 days later than Elsanta. This variety is the one to choose for flavour. Late season crop. [Planted 10 March 2015]