Health benefits of chlorella are amazing and it is one of the most researched algae in the world.

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Got in miles yesterday from walking to and from downtown home, walking, walking downtown, and dancing. I did not have my phone with me the entire time so not sure on my final steps.

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A great use of chia seeds is to make homemade jam! mix one tbsp of chia seeds with one cup berries (blended in a blender) and one tsp honey. Throw it in a jar overnight. The chia seeds give it a nice texture :)

Chia seeds have recently gained attention as an excellent source of fatty acid. Chia seeds are also used in cooking

Practically everyone that lived through the knows what a Chia Pet is. What is kind of remarkable is that rumors are flying like crazy that the chia see

Thanks to the Mayo Clinics Katherine Zeratsky for this info on how to eat more Flax seed. I am sure that you may have heard somewhere about how great Flax seed (.

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