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a man and woman standing in front of a white couch with floral decorations on it
Monal + Neal — Indian Wedding Planner Orange County I Blue Lotus Insights
red flowers and pearls are arranged on the back of a couch
35+ Gorgeous Varmala Design Ideas For Indian Weddings
a chair decorated with pink and white flowers on the back of it's seat
Shruti + Brad — Indian Wedding Planner Orange County I Blue Lotus Insights
two people standing next to each other with flowers in their hands and one holding something
Trending Couple Varmala Designs This Wedding Season!
an ornate set up with chairs and flowers
15 Stunning Wedding Backdrop Ideas that Make your Special Day Unforgettable - VenueLook Blog
an outdoor wedding venue with white drapes and chandelier
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Indian Wedding Decor | Wedding Decor Ideas | Intimate Wedding Decor Ideas
an archway decorated with candles and flowers in front of a white drapeed ceiling
Wink Design & Events
an elaborately decorated stage set up with flowers and candles for a wedding or reception
Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas
Decoration at an Indian wedding is as important as anything. And of course, the wedding stage is an integral part; it’s the place where the most awaited bride and groom sit, where all the glamorous photography happens. It’s like finding the perfect wedding outfit, only for your venue. Everything about Indian weddings has evolved over …