I really want to slap whomever made this. I don't know any weak hufflepuffs so what the heck? Most slytherines know love, narcissa lied to voldemorts face because of her love for her son, regulus drank that potion and sent kreacher back, prof slughorn has a love for his students, even if it is slightly selfish. And gryffindors value bravery, loyalty is a sign of the Hufflepuff house.  But I do know we ravenclaw a can be a little stuffed up sometimes.

So true! I love whomever made this! I have a friend who makes fun of me all the time for claiming Hufflepuff cause she's a Slytherin. Well now I know she's an idiot ;

Aunt Petunia "you are freaks!"

I just barely re read the first book and I looked at Petunia in a new way, I felt bad for her because of how hard it would be to see her sister be fantastic, and she's still normal


"The ones that love us never really leave us." Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban movie quote

The end is almost here

I had such an intense feeling of happiness and sadness driving home from Deathly Hallows Couldn't quite believe it was all over!