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This is a pretty great system. This might be an idea for the living area partition. Sliding door, room divider design could be adapted to look more Asian to suit individual styles rather than Oriental style in the photo.

Reserved for Deby Vintage Honey Comb Bee Hive by LittleSixty I want one of these.

((The plane (with spinnable propeller) desk and chair were so cute at the Texas Ren Fest two weekends ago...I'm so sad we couldn't buy it and take it home! and the train and train car bookshelves were lovely, too!))

I love this 'Magical Thinking Pompom Curtain' from Urban Outfitters. It is so beautiful, and a little bit elegant, but not too much! It also has such an earthy feel that you can just picture having the window open and the cool breed flowing through ...

Loving the easy rings at the ceiling to make a semi-canopy drape! Since I live in an apartment I'd probably buy a stick-on hook for the ceiling and place a big ring on the hook, then loop on the fabric.Thank you to whoever's idea this was for ring drapes!