Amble Hanging Seat | Tom Raffield

The graceful Amble Hanging Seat symbolises a moment to relax. Handcrafted by the Tom Raffield studio in Cornwall, England, using sustainable wood (ash).

Log Loop Wood Basket Log Loop Wood Basket

This Log Loop Wood Basket is a hand-crafted Tom Raffield creation. You can hardly call it anything but a creation, because it adds a touch of classic style to something as mundane as a basket for storing and carrying logs for the fireplace.

Tom Raffield Grand Designs House

Nestled among the trees in Cornwall is the timber house that Tom Raffield built. The steam bent house - as featured on Channel Grand Designs.

Individually handmade and finished at his woodland workshop in Cornwall, Tom Raffield’s Skipper Floor Light is reminiscent of the traditional woven Cornish baskets from which it draws its inspiration. Available in sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, Tom uses the traditional craft of steam bending to create a one-off shade elevated by three splayed legs in matching wood.

Skipper Floor Light

The woven form of the Skipper is created by hand, meaning that each light is as unique as the piece of wood from which it is made. Timber is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands wherever possible with steam bending the main form of production - a

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