Anmol Sarah Sandhu

Anmol Sarah Sandhu

Anmol Sarah Sandhu
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Flatmate's Handbook

OMG there are so many good ideas in this! // Flatmates Handbook + use of black and white combined with colour, quirky imagery, large typography, pace between spreads

Little Spines

Print design ideas and inspiration. Little Spines. I love the concept to have a live tree next to a dead one on the cover of this booklet. On top of that, I love the clean, minimalistic style.

Layout / CPH SMMR by Christoffer Juul

I love the way they used the eye dropper tool to make the entire poster the same color as the skyline. At first glance, I like the poster. At second, I hate the font. At third, I love the font, because I appreciate the fact that they made the

Flow campaign on Behance

Le Studio Hands has created the visual identity of Flow music label in order to communicate their several festival stage hostings in 2014 and A very graph

MoodBoard No.1 // Sunday Design Studio

MoodBoard // Sunday Design Studio // I think this is a neat twist on a grid in the designer's choice to turn the grid on an angle and make it diagonal and only breaking it once with the circle.


I think we could use this design for a sports layout. It also uses layers of basketball players so it contributes to our theme, and it also incorporates text for maybe the title.//// I like how this design incorporates players in the NBA.