What stuck with you today? Love this as an exit ticket strategy :)

What stuck with you today? Have the students write on a sticky note what they learned from todays class as an exit ticket for leaving the classroom for the day.

Creative Classroom Ideas | Education | Learnist...colored index cards for each student. During independent work time or group work, the students use the cards

Self-Assessment Strategy- students use cards to indicate how they are progressing through the independent practice. This allows the teacher to intervene when necessary and gauge students' understanding of concepts.

Creative Classroom Ideas | Education | Learnist

Springtime Science with Seeds

File Folder Phonics - Make, Take & Teach

File Folder Phonics (Make, Take & Teach)

Independent Reading Rubric

Visible Learning - independent reading chart- make when introducing DEAR time (send copy home to parents)

Our Twitter door - middle school classroom ideas

Texting Door- Students can text about what is happening. There are 30 laminated sentences strips so everyone (including me) has a place to "text" on the door.