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Self Portrait (1980) by Andy Warhol

Self Portrait, 1980 by Andy Warhol

THIS SITE IS AWESOME!! Globe String Lights Black Wire 25 Ft | 25 Socket

Paper Lantern Lights 25 Socket Black Cord w/bulbs for Lanterns .love the European feel of the black wire and NO lantern. careful, order extra bulbs, they break super easy ♥

I like this, but maybe a different placement on me?!

I already have my ribs tattooed, but this one On the thigh though!

I love love the elephant and lotus flower combo. Just not sure how it would look as a sternum piece.

Wauw - this is my next tatoo :) drawing Illustration art jewelry beautiful patterns elephant animal tattoo flower ink africa pen ornate lotus detail mandala India hindu Ganesha swirls linework ballpoint fineliner

Flower Tattoo for Women-like the overall design without the detail for a lotus tattoo-different location preferred....

Lotus Flower Tatoo - a symbol for awakening to the spiritual fact of life. a lotus flower symbolizes a tough time in existence that has been defeated. not mine but love the meaning of my lotus flower henna


The Ocean is in my heart tattoo

tattoo, spiritual, bohemian, henna, sun, moon, design, hippy, gypsy

indie tattoos lovely henna gypsy girls with tattoos sun and moon foot tattoo beautiful tattoos moon tattoos detailed tattoo sun tattoos love-on-pause

I love this tattoo and the detail

love beauty light beautiful gorgeous wonderful moon lovely enchanted sun nature natural ink wonder glow girls with tattoos moon tattoo enchanting sun and moon sun tattoo all natural sun and moon tattoo


Modern bohemian space - love the chair

Cozy and modern bedroom

Lesley Graham: Room Tour (I've seen rooms with dark grey or black walls, they truly do make a space look larger!