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Sri Thirumeni Guruji: Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam

Wishing  All Friends that the Colour, Bliss and the Beauty of  Navarathri be with you throughout your life!! On the Occasion of Navarathri Festival, here are a few collection of pictures of Goddess…

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Kalyānadatārā / Maṇgalalokatārā - Tārā Auspiciously Shining

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annapoorna sumanth

"Sita floats on an ocean of tears. Sita stands as the radical interface of love and suffering. Sita exists only for love. She personifies loyalty. She incarnates devotion. On an archetypal level, she stands for the feminine principle of loving submission -submission to the masculine, submission to the divine, submission to life itself." From "Awakening Shakti" by Sally Kempton

The Goddess Returns