Redcurrant and red onion relish recipe, from BBC Food.

Redcurrant & red onion relish

Redcurrant & red onion relish recipe Made 6 Jan 2013 - double recipe, made enough to fill three jam jars.

Ovens on! Earl grey tea and red currant loaf cake.

on krachym bottom: Grandmother with earl gray tea and currants - Earl Grey tea and red currant loaf cake

Redcurrant Almond Cake

This Redcurrant Almond Cake may look unremarkable but gets compliments from everyone. Adapted from

blackcurrant sponge pudding

Blackcurrant Sponge Pudding: summer in a flan dish

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's squash stuffed with leeks

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's squash stuffed with leeks recipe

These tempting baked stuffed squash make for an impressive and substantial meal. The scent of thyme, leeks and cheese that wafts up as you lift the lid off is so alluring

red currant cake 3

Grandmas Träubleskucha / Red currant cake

In dialect the famous swabian red currant cake is called ‘Träubleskucha’. This can be quite confusing for people not familiar to swabian dialect, because the name actually suggests that…

Skinny Pad Thai

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