Number Bonds to 10 and 20

Number Bond calculation cards to 10 and

Play a game with Numicon shapes. This is great when you use the large foam shapes with 10 kids at the front of the class. Great for differentiation!

2 powerpoints to support counting and recognising numbers using numicon. The first powerpoint just shows the numicon pieces and the second powerpoint has the numicon pieces with matching numbers.

really good flashcards using Singapore Math Strategies

Making Sense of Numbers!

flashcards using Singapore Math Strategies

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Using numicon to understand the missing numbers in part/part/whole concept -

Numicon Number Bonds 20.pdf More

Numicon Number Bonds More

What a great way to show different ways to do multiplication in a hands-on manner!

The Teaching Thief: Representing Multiplication Multiple Ways

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Easy game to make yourself! say the answer is a . Pull out a shape. What is the question! You can do this with numbers, clock times!

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