Gingerbread Man

GINGERBREAD MEN: Cute gingerbread man activity to pair with writing activity - describe lost gingerbread man with adjectives

The Three Little Pigs! Story spoons in action! Retelling, children, EYFS, early years, literacy, C&L, communication, play, learning! Natalie's Story Spoons!

This pin depicts the children's story 'the three little pigs' this story board will help children with their story-telling skills, help them to communicate effectively and to broaden their use of creativity in everyday life.

Make and test Three Little Pig Houses

Three Little Pigs Activity

Fun Three Little Pigs Activity ideas. Build houses from different materials and test them to see how waterproof they are and how stable.

Three little pigs... good for retelling the story.

Three little pigs. good for retelling the story. Repurpose cartons for summer forts and barns

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