James Nares - J. Waddell Interiors

rivers of blue. This looks similar to Sharon Cummings' Pure Water series (re: stroke, color) Abstract painting idea

Deja-Vu / Pia Mannikko / Galería: http://monografico.tumblr.com/post/36310409797/pia-mannikko-deja-vu-2008-11

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement

RAW MATERIAL #673Max Kuiper2011

r\a\w f\o\r\m\s

R\A\W M\A\T\E\R\I\A\L \ \Max Kuiper abstract contemporary knitted and pulled textile art wall hanging installation

Could try melting metal onto fabrics.. See what effects they produce..

Splash of Wonder – Stainless steel sculpture

“Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang, who also goes by Tsang Cheung Shing, skillfully manipulates stainless steel and porcelain to produce a beautiful collection of sculptures that often blurs the line between abstract and figurative art.

Helsinki-based artist Pia Männikkö observes and recreates physical paths of the human form, depicting small intervals of movement within a space, in her Déjà Vu series. Using tulle fabric and ink, the artist presents a series of ghostly silhouettes cutting through different rooms, as though each flowing panel is a moment frozen in time. Altogether, each site-specific installation exhibits the trail of one man moving from point A to point B. Normally, physical footprints aren't left behind…

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movment by Helsinki-based artist Pia Männikkö. She observes and recre­ates phys­i­cal paths of the human form, using tulle fab­ric and ink.

Оформление горловины

Interesting neckline treatment on a garment sold commercially. I'd use a dissolving interfacing under the neckline area, some little scraps… and free stitch.