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Malteaser vodka :-) Add a box of malteasers to a quarter bottle of vodka. Keep shaking the bottle daily as the malteasers will raise to the top of the bottle. When the chocolate has dissolved sieve the drink and bottle it up. Can be used for hampers, presents, parties, birthdays or Christmas.

Candy Flavored Vodka

Ever since I was presented with skittles vodka last weekend, my mind has been racing with thoughts of different kinds of candy flavored vodka. How did I spent 4 years of college without knowing this genius combination? The two were major staples in my diet– why did I never think of combining them? It all seems so obvious! And so easy…

Christmas pudding vodka

Finding my plain vodka stash running frighteningly low (fear not guests, I still have plenty of flavoured vodkas), I used my last 250ml to try out this recipe.

This is the second of my home-made alcoholic drinks for Christmas, my first being Cherry Vodka . Whereas that one is best left for a few mo...