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Love the shabby chic and rustic feel to this office. My dream office would be a room where my creativity could flow. A craft/sewing/reading room as well as a home office all in one space is ideal for my dream home

33 Crazy Cool Home #Office Inspirations ➤ http://CARLAASTON.com/designed/crazy-cool-home-office

33 Crazy Cool Home Office Inspirations

backyard studio?

This tiny home office, housed in a converted potting shed is the perfect place to steal away from domestic responsibilities and focus on work. Converted shed office, outdoor office, backyard office. Window air unit and I'm set!

make the backyard shed look great.

Turn your shed into a masterpiece with landscaping and DIY shutters and Check Out : Several Other Cute DIY Projects

You might still be holding onto a set of alphabet magnets long after your kid's grown. If that's the case, here's a great DIY to make those magnets presentable again. All you need is spray paint—follow the instructions at Kojo Designs.   - HouseBeautiful.com

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