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Paccheri di tonno Pacceri pasta with a sauce of tomato, tuna, anchovies, olives and caper.


Arancini al prosciutto, porcini e scamorza affumicato. Risotto balls stuffed with shredded ham hock, porcini mushrooms and smoked scamorza cheese, deep fried and served with pizzaiola sauce.


Risotto con pesce bianco e capesante Risotto with mixed white fish and scallops.

Pollo alla Milanese Cornish free range chicken breast, breaded and pan seared, served with sautéed potatoes and pan fried purple sprouting broccoli tossed with pancetta and chilli

Bruschetta al Pomodoro e aglio A classic Italian bruschetta; toasted bread rubbed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, topped with fresh and sun blushed tomatoes and fresh basil.

Zuccotto di panettone Panettone pudding filled with mascarpone, chocolate and walnuts. Served with cinnamon gelato.