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One Day, Maybe

kevinkevinson: “ “ “You two could at least say hello,” Wymack said, somewhat aggrieved. “There’s no point,” Kevin said.

yes or no ?

yes or no ?

Typographic Installations are Solar Powered Poetry - My Modern Metropolis. By Robert Montgomery

London-based poet and artist Robert Montgomery concentrates his thoughts and feelings into words and then projects these in public spaces. His Recycled Sunlight Pieces are poetic typographic instal…


Here comes...Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomerry (UK) // install in Bristol. Space Hijackers (UK) // site specific install next to Olympic Village, East London. The Brandalism project sees 25 artists from 8 countries.

Robert Montgomery

Street Message by Robert Montgomery 'you will have to learn to look at the sky again. you will have to learn to eat food that grows where you live again, you will have to touch what you make'