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a green bird with red beak and white flowers on it's head is standing in front of a blurry background
Nature Got Really Weird When These 20 Birds Evolved, Because, WHOA. #3 Is Nuts!
turaco [previously pinned to my more generic bird board by Barbara Hughes; thanks, Barbara!] | 28 Dazzling Exotic Birds You Probably Never Heard Of
a blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch with its wings spread wide open
Exotic birds Site is Aviary Plans Online
an earth with two doors and the words save the earth written on it's face
some people are talking on their cell phones and one is sitting in the passenger seat
Bahahaaaaaa one of my faves!!!
Rainbow Birthday Cake
We would like to wish you the tiniest happy birthday! Just be careful when blowing out the candle.
Tiny Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
The perfect combo for when you're feeling just a bit chilly.
Holiday Hot Chocolate Spoons
The most fun you'll have drinking hot chocolate since you were 9 years old.
Memorial Day Jellies
An easy, sweet and refreshing dessert to celebrate Memorial Day or Forth of July!
Rilakkuma Hot Chocolate Sticks
These sticks are a cute shortcut to delicious and creamy hot chocolate! Bring these to the office for treats throughout the week, or wrap them in cellophane for an adorable gift perfect for chilly days.
two small birds standing next to each other on the beach with their beaks open
Coisinhas da TecaEuzebio
Coisinhas da TecaEuzebio