shiva shakti

Tantric Dance - Geoglyphiks “The Tantric Dance is inspired by the union of Feminine and Masculine power. As we dance the story of our lives, may this piece inspire your inner balance of masculine and.

radha & krishna

This a great art picture of the Hindu God Brahma and his consort the Goddess Sarasvati. Sarasvati is often pictured with swans, either sitting on top of them or having them around her.

DATTARAJ KAMAT Animation art: #krishna #krsna #radha #radhe #hindu #art

SHRI A small illustration based on an Idea. I wanted to do a quick sketch but I spent a little more time and having fun drawing the foliage behind!

Glamorous India - Woman Face Ornate Jewelry Fashion Illustration - Set of Four 4x6 Art Prints. $14.99, via Etsy.

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