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INDIA ART GALLERY: Madhubani paintings

Madhubani paintings

Madhubani paintings or Mithila Art is a style of Indian art painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India. Our Madhubani paintings comes from the Indian villages of Madhubani and Mithila in Bihar. These paintings are done on various materials such as cloth, hand made paper and canvas. Most of the figures depicted in Madhubani paintings carry a symbolic meaning to them which makes these paintings all the more interesting. Fishes in a Madhubani painting depict good luck…

Madhubani painting - Harmony II | NOVICA

Madhubani painting, 'Harmony II'

Fish swim in formation, each one depicted in a sensuous Madhubani painting by Bharti Dayal. Their bodies form a circle, suggesting an infinite love. Above and below, bird couples sing to one another. Bright jewel-like colors and a naïf style define the work by Bharti Dayal. It is executed in vegetable dye on handmade paper in the traditional Mithila style of northern Bihar. br br As each painting is an individual creation, each is unique. Colors and motifs may vary slightly from that…

Handloom Sarees | Buy Inspired from Palm leaf engraving artists creation on Silk Saree online

Inspired from Palm leaf engraving artists creation on Silk Saree online | Handloom Sarees

The Saree is not Readily available . It takes 20-30 days to paint this saree . We have few other color plain sarees available too on which we can do this painting too Contact us at for further details

Madhubani painting, 'Peacock Dance I' by Bharati Dayal

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