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Two classic cocktails to mix up for your event.

The JW Marriott Los Angeles L. Our hotel is well placed in downtown Los Angeles.

When you’re planning a meeting with the purpose to Ideate or Produce, it’s important to pay attention to the details. Once you have the setting, the schedule and the supplies needed to get the job done, go beyond your regular checklist for some specific goodies that will help get attendees in an imaginative fame of mind. Remember, it’s easy getting guests into a room, but to turn on creative thinking on command? Maybe not so much.

When you’re planning a meeting with the purpose to Ideate or Produce, it’s…

Everyone likes to have a good laugh. So it should come as no surprise that studies have shown the effectiveness of humor in meetings. Humor can enhance creativity, encourage collaboration and even improve long-term job performance, according to new research by Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock and Joseph Allen reported in Scientific American. In their research, the team found that, rather than derailing or distracting a meeting, the use of humor triggers problem-solving behaviors, procedural…

Add tabletop games to your lounges to encourage networking and casual brainstorming!

The right setup can make or break a Decide meeting. We suggest five options that align to different meeting strategies.

Use choices in furniture and room design to create an open environment where imagination can grow and ideas can flow.

Sustainability offers a way to add a feel-good element that’s actually a do-good element to your event.

Colourful and tasteful, fresh vegetables and dips Feature the arm-to-table movement at your meeting break. Offer fresh produce along with healthy, organic dips.

The Firecracker - Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint Cocktail from @creativculinary

Watermelon juice and cucumber vodka is a refreshing drink for a summer gathering. Garnish with fresh cucumber, mint, and watermelon and add a sugar rim!