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two pictures with different types of people in the same photo, one has an image of a
50 Creepy and Unsettling Facts about Serial Killers - Fact Republic
1. After his crimes were discovered, serial killer Marcel Petiot grew a beard and joined the police using the alias Captain Valeri. "Valeri" was assigned to find Petiot until someone recognized him, months later. 2. After the capture of a serial killer (Robert Black) of children, a police officer found his own daughter tied and gagged in the back of the killer's van.
an image of the twitter page for some people
an image of the back side of a computer screen with text and images on it
an image of someone's twitter message about astrons and the black hole singing
two people standing next to each other in front of a painting and another person looking at it
This is considered to be the most realistic painting in the world. - iFunny
two tweets that are on the same page
37 Funny AF Memes For The Slightly Downtrodden
a document with the words and numbers in red, white, and blue on it
A book where the main character falls in love with the reader - FunSubstance
the text is written in black and white
Ich habe immer gedacht. - Famous Last Words
two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of a woman
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the twitter post shows an image of a statue and another photo of a woman with her hands on her hips
Twitter Users Share 29 Statues That Are Better Than The Ones Protesters Are Tearing Down