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DIY Zipper Bracelet

now it's the right time to get it. And by getting it I don't mean buying it, but doing it yourself. That's right, I will show you 12 DIY Zipper Bracelet Ideas.

DIY Puppy Fun Card / FAB DIY

Making fun cards is a really fun idea for a gift. You can really make someone happy with this card. You can take about 12 minutes to make this little card and

Small Bathroom Organization

These shower hacks will make your life so much better! Easily clean your shower, store more items in your shower and learn how to better take care of your hair. Squeeze bottles on drapery clips.

"I choose to make this a 50's can so we did not have plastic garbage bags. The cans did look like this with the ridges, were very heavy, and usually very beat up. A small piece of black garbage bag could be inserted inside and folded out to look more modern. " | Source: A Small Heart's Desire

A Small Hearts Desire: Trash can from Glucose test strip container Bidone con contenitore medicine e cartoncino ondulato