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Beauty is a light in the heart

stayinginspired: “ Andrew and I are talking about getting bikes now that we’re living in Houston. These probably aren’t what he has in mind, but aren’t they cute? ”



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Vintage bicycle

Patterson Maker Miller

Achielle Dutch

Achielle "Dutch", drive side, in front of Flying Pigeon LA

These bikes are made with the typical insane level of weather-proofing that seems to come standard on most Dutch bikes. The nice touch with these bikes are the colors they come in. That cream really sets off the rich brown of the Brooks leather saddles and matching handlebar grips.

Custom vintage

Custom Rohloff Surly Cross Check Check

photos: Niki Hurley I'm betting your first guess when looking at this bike wasn't a Surly Cross Check...but it is. We all know how versatile the Cross Check can be, but throw some bling at it, a 14 speed internal Rohloff Speedhub, some gorgeos Honjo fenders and put it infront of the Mobius's lens and you've got a recipe for a both gorgeous and functional commuter bicycle. Get real close to this beautiful machine below. -B

hi - we are fast boy cycles - GALLERY

BICYCLED: A bike made out of cars

Cars go to the junkyard and we recycle them to create the most efficient, ecological and healthy mean of transportation. BICYCLED.