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Condiments @The Mad Scientists Kitchen

The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen-Add flavour and mouthwatering taste with these sauces and condiments. Raise the bar on mundane food from Blah to Wow! Try these DIY…
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Simple, easy and delicious this is the best Guacamole recipe that I make often. I changed my tune that I do not like avacado thanks to this yum dip. Simple and delicious now I make it often. Tastes best with chips and then with tacos, nachos... Try it!
Called Pistou this recipe is from the Provence. Pistou is a vegan sauce made with basil and olive oil. You can add garlic but there are no nuts or cheese added here. makes it an ideal sauce and dip for those who avoid dairy or nuts. My vegan frieds are crazy about it. Will you try some?
Mango Pico De Gallo is an easy to prepare, flavourful kind of salad or salsa.Easy to make in bulk for picnics and garden parties. Perfect balance of sweet and sour. Enjoy it on its own, with tortilla chips or as a side with your favourite dish. #salsa #picodegallo #mangorecipe #summerecipe #picnicfood #potluck #partyfood


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This is a beautiful condiment (or relish, rather) from the island nation of Sri Lanka. Onions are allowed to caramelise slowly, so as to lend a lovely sweetness to the relish. Along with the sour and spicy flavours that are also added in, this Seeni Sambol is quite a delicious thing! #seenisambol #sambol #onionsambol #onionrelish #srilanka #srilankanfood #srilankancuisine #srilankansambol #srilankafood #srilankacuisine
Khamang kakdi is a salad from Maharashtrian cuisine made with cucumber and peanuts.A simple and refreshing salad that can be your side dish for a meal or as a snack, especially for your elevenses. Enjoy the different flavours and textures in every bite. It takes hardly 10 minutes to put together. Well, it makes a great side dish any day especially when you are fasting. So you are set for your Navratri Vrat ka Khana menu too. Try it!
Avalakki Sandige, or aval vadam ready for all the South Indian thali fillers or namkeen with coffee and tea. It easy to prepare in summer can e stored for a long time.


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Thakali pachadi , thayir pachadi , onam pachadi , tomato raita, tomato thayir pachadi, tomato dip,thakali thayir pachadi
Adraki Rathaloo Raita | Sweet Potato Raita
Boondi Raita is a simple and delicious accompaniment made with yogurt and small fried chickpea flour balls. . It is generally served as a side along with the main meal. Best served with some Biryani or Pulav or simply with some parathas. Today I have served this raita with some Celery and Kale Paratha. This boondi rata would be one of the main sides generally in a typical Rajasthani Thali (Indian Regional Thali)


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Make and use this delicious spice blend at home. It is simple, aromatic and just what a quick meal needs. Add to rice and An easy and a medley of veggies the result is somethig that will surprise you. Try it!
An integral part of South Indian cuisine, gojju refers to a relish made using vegetables or fruits. Karnataka-style relish is an incredibly flavourful affair made using a special spice mix called 'gojju podi' or 'gojjina pudi'. Check out the recipe for this heritage spice mix! #gojju #gojjinapudi #gojjupodi #karnatakagojju #karnatakafood #karnatakacuisine #southindian #southindiancuisine #southindianfood #gotsu

Masala/Spice Powders

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Sweet Spicy Tasty: Khimchi - Asian Cuisine
Lemon Gojju is a tasty condiment from Karnataka. It is citrusy and gives a refreshing taste. Check out the recipe to make it in your kitchen.


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Papaya Lemon Jam is a delicious, pectin free, easy to make condiment. It actually is the best way to use up papaya that is totally bland.#homemadejam #papayarecipe #condiment #easyjamrecipe #lemon
A flavourful fresh masala that flavours most pulaos, biryanis. Try making some to flavour not only special meals but your everyday meals. The flavour and aroma is amazing. Make a batch and store in the freezer use as needed. Delicious food ready in a jiffy!


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Sweet Spicy Tasty: Inji Thayir Pachadi | Ginger yogurt dip | Adraki Raita
Beetroot Chutney | Easy Side dish for Idli, Dosa, Paratha


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