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two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate
sprinkle cake — molly yeh
sprinkle cake — molly yeh
small brown paper bags sitting on top of a table next to a pink and white christmas ornament
Gingerbread House Paper Bag Gift Wrap Idea
two different colored crayons are placed next to each other
The Best Gift Wrapping Hacks that will stop them in their tracks!
a birthday cake and balloons on a mantle with the words happy birthday spelled in multicolored letters
Tube Letters: An Easy Birthday Garland Alternative! — super make it
someone is wrapping up some paper on top of a table with envelopes and sticky notes
Easy and so very sweet: Three dreamy baby gift wrap ideas - Think.Make.Share.
Three dreamy baby gift wrap ideas by Think.Make.Share. | Love the idea of cutting and pasting pieces of the pattern over the envelope to create a 3D effect!
the letter e is made out of cookies and candies on a white tray,
Birthday cake
there are many different images of confetti on the table and one has a toothpick in it