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I would do scented DIY Sea Shell Candles. Add a touch of elegance into a space with these beautiful sea shell candles. Pratic and smart DIY ideas anyone can do in budget.


Gone are the days when weddings were an indoor event, a simple gathering or one day thing. They have become bigger and better, and we love it! One thing that has taken a prettier turn is outdoor de.

light and airy  natural, muted colors

Beautiful backdrop for the reception stage! Use of yellow marigold flowers with assorted white flowers and green colored drapes for this yellow, green and white theme decor looks simply gorgeous!

paletas de pina Mexican wedding inspiration - photo by Brilliant Imagery http://ruffledblog.com/paletas-de-pina-mexican-wedding-inspiration

Paletas de Piña Mexican Wedding Inspiration

Inspired by the vibrant South Asian wedding wedding palettes, these are great for bridal party entrances.