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an image with the words written in english and arabic on it, which reads'i am
a piece of paper with writing on it in two different languages, one is written in arabic
Aye hayee
a woman standing in front of a cutting board with vegetables on it and the caption reads,
an arabic text on a black background with gold trimmings and writing in two different languages
By PaKisTaN's HeArTThRoB, AmJaD İsLaM AmJaD !!!!!!!!!!!
an image of a man raising his arms in the air with a quote above it
two people sitting on a bench in the middle of a street with an arabic text above them
a cell phone surrounded by rose petals with the words love in english and arabic on it
an image of a person sitting on a bench with the sun setting in the background
Art, Songs, Assalamualaikum Image, Qoutes About Love
a person walking down a snow covered path in the middle of a forest with trees
Ufff mere allah ... Kitta mushkil kaam :) aur kitte mushkil lafz :(