19 Pins
the sun is setting over some trees and bushes in front of a blue sky with clouds
three deer standing on top of a rocky hillside
Golestan national park
a man with a backpack is walking on top of a sand dune in the desert
The hottest point on the earth was registered as world cultural heritage at the 40th world heritage conference of UNESCO on Sunday. Dasht-e loot (loot desert) is a large salt desert in Kerman and Sustain and Baluchistan province of Iran.
the desert is covered in sand and has mountains in the background at sunset or dawn
BADAB-E Surt, a natural site in Mazandaran province of Iran
a lamp post in the middle of a foggy forest
the beach is covered in ice and snow as it sits next to an island with a rock outcropping
Urmia lake
the mountains are covered in colorful foliage and trees with yellow, orange, and red leaves
sheep grazing on the side of a cliff overlooking water and cliffs in the distance with blue sky
the ocean waves are rolling in to shore
two trucks driving through the desert with sand dunes
Mesr desert of Iran