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an image of a quote that says, allah will always make a way, when there seems to be no way
an arabic book with the title for protection from all serious and life - threatening lines
Who Plans Against Prophet, is Conspirator
LESSON # 533 FROM HOLY QUR’AN Who Plans Against Prophet, is Conspirator Surah Nisaaa’ (Women) – Chapter – 4) Verses –81 of 176, Section – 11/24 (Part – 5) 81. And they: say (It i…
the inside of a building with arabic calligraphy on it and an image of a man in
an open book with words written on the pages and in black ink, against a white background
Ameen #Alhumdulillah #For #Islam #Muslim #Dua #Dhikr #Quran
an image with the words in arabic and some type of writing on it's side
Amin ya Rabbi. Oh ALLAH :"(
flowers with a quote on it that says, oh allah, gain me ease the courage
two red roses with the words you are exactly where person wants you to be right now
May Allah ease this journey. Amiin.