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Tips and Hacks for Everyday Life: What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life? - Quora
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What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

I am not a prostitute. Leave me bhaiya It was 9:05 PM and this married girl was standing near a bus stop. Suddenly a car stops by her. Haan madam. Where do you want to go? I will drop you for free. She pretends as if she did not listen or see him....

These Excel tricks will save you time and impress your boss - #infographic

Excel Tricks to Impress Your Boss With - #infographic

If you want to wow colleagues and management with some slick Excel moves, Best STL have put together some handy excel tricks that really will impress your boss. Check it out.

Infographic on the best times to post to social media

Social Media Tips That Are Actually Useful

I have these old pair of sneakers that I’ve worn now for about 5 years. The shoelaces are all gnarled and tattered, the soles are non-existent, I don’t remember what its original color was, and there are holes virtually everywhere; they probably wouldn’t be considered sneakers anymore – a more fitting description would be my …

Social Media Image Size Guide - dimensions for the area to display personalized images that fit perfectly on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest

Social Media Image Size Guide from

Click here for the definitive guide for sizing and designing your social media profiles to reflect your brand and proposition for maximum effectiveness.

Google AdWords Infographic | Teach To Fish Digital

An explanation of Google AdWords Quality Score, Ad Rank and how Google determines how much you pay per click.

21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have
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12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

Redesigning your website? Want to generate more leads? Check out these 12 essential elements every homepage should have.

Design your ebooks, worksheets, and checklists to be interactive PDFs using Adobe InDesign! This InDesign tutorial will teach you the basic steps to create your own clickable, fillable PDFs.
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How to Create an Interactive PDF in InDesign — Mariah Althoff – Graphic Design + Freelancing Tips

Design your ebooks, worksheets, and checklists to be interactive PDFs using Adobe InDesign! This InDesign tutorial will teach you the basic steps to create your own clickable, fillable PDFs.

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Flowchart Guide: Where To Post Your Content [Flowchart]

It can be difficult to determine which social network to post things on in this overcrowded landscape we're currently experiencing online. Some people want to master all of the popular social networking services in one go, which usually gets results ranging from bad to worse. The way to master social media posting today is a little bit more complex than that. This is something that we'll take a closer look at with the help of a flowchart guide recently shared by DashBurst. In order to master…

This is always helpful.... Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet
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Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet - Design

Trying to figure out the perfect size image to post on your social media channels can be a struggle. This blog features a selection of image sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

De kracht van het gebruik van #hashtags - #infographic #socialmedia

The Power Of Accurate Hashtag Practices [Infographic]

By now, anyone who has been on social media for a while should know that hashtags are the one way you can reach further than the edges of your own following. Hashtags are a vital and powerful tool, which you can utilize if you want to reach people that may be interested in what you have to say or share without them having to follow you. The power of accurate hashtag practices reaches further than the features and tools made available to you on any social networking platform. By using…

Top 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins #Infographic
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The Top 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins - Infographic

WordPress is the engine that drives over 150 million blogs on the World Wide Web. It is open source software that provides access for developers to create add on-ons (plugins) that increases its functionality for users with a few clicks. What are the 30 top plugins?

Just to help all you people out

Just to help all you people out

Credit given where credits due :

Modern Marketing Conception-Infographic

Modern Marketing Conception - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Modern Marketing Conception-Infographic

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2014
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Social Media Design Cheat Sheet 2021 (Updated Infographic)

Updated Social Media Cheat Design Sheet Infographic for 2021 that will Help you Design Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, Posts, and more.

The Importance of Video in Social Media Marketing
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