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Print out these switchwords to become more appealing by releasing limitations and producing rare value. The words inside radionic energy circle work as a trigger which activates message inside your subconscious mind.



Defuse deep depresion, feeling unloved, unapprecited, uncared for and feelings of wanting give up on life.

TOGETHER-DIVINE-CRYSTAL-SWIVEL-BE. ( Master your ability to create miracles, neutralize, balance the digestive tract and be in peace and maintain wellness, unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.) For brain,mind, stomach coordination.

My Switchphrase for October 23, 2014: PASSION-LOVE-HEART-EVER-BE. (Create a deep focus, generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, center in joy, keep this going, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.) I am presenting this inside a Strong HEART Energy Circle. More Kat Switchphrases at more on Switchwords at and on Energy Circles at