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a small bonsai tree in a glass bowl
MilkWeed: Plant Porn
"Sedum multiceps, affectionately referred to as the Pygmy Joshua Tree"
a tree branch with succulents and other plants in it on a stand
199572_194500163917187_1831662383839%255B2%255D.jpg (image)
Driftwood + Succulents
three baskets filled with succulents sitting on top of a wooden table
Succulent Nest |
an animal made out of grass sitting in the middle of a field with hedges behind it
The Creative Art of Topiary (25 photos)
an arch made out of branches with oranges hanging from it's sides in a garden
great way to grow pumpkins and save space! - My-House-My-Home
great way to grow pumpkins and save space!
an image of a potted plant inside of a plastic cover on top of a barrel
greenhouse Archives - Garden Therapy
Repurpose an umbrella as a greenhouse
a cat sitting in a potted plant next to a window
Zip in my Jade plant
a potted plant with a video game character on it
Super Mario Bros Themed Flower Pot [pic] - Global Geek News
Super Mario Bros Flower Pot - I wish I was more artistic! It's not a fire flower, but it looks cool!!
a small cactus in a red pot on a tile wall next to a sign that says do not enter
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Cool cactus
people are looking at plants in a greenhouse
Stag's Horn Fern by P. Stubbs photo, via Flickr
a woman standing next to a large potted plant in a room filled with plants
Amorphophallus titanum - pollinated by flies and beetles attracted to it's rotten meat perfume.
red flowers and green leaves on a pine tree in front of a black background photo
Note to self: I wanna find out if I can grow air plants in this house. Tillandsia funkiana blooms again by salabat, via Flickr
a plant hanging from the side of a wooden fence with an insect trap attached to it
mounted staghorn fern