20 mud kitchen ideas Oh what I would have given to had one of these when I was a kid, actually, wouldn't mind a functioning one now! lol

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

beautiful 20 Kids Mud Kitchen Ideas for Your Garden Mud kitchens (also known as outdoor kitchens or mud pie kitchens) are one of the best resources for little ones to play outside.

Similar idea- bur use line outside & water table with pegs for fine motor skills, wringing out washing & pegging.

We enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line. As well as wringing the clothes of water and in turn developing gross motor skills they also developed their fine motor skills by squeezing open the pegs! Also lots of fun!

Great ideas for using chalk, with ideas for art, games, math, literacy, action games and puppets.

7 kids games with chalk :: Simple Play

kids gardening activities chalk :: nature treasure hunt :: outdoor math ideas :: the outdoor classroom

Math numeracy set - counting - with natural materials - Fingadingadoo ≈≈

I love this counting set made from natural materials. I think this is a great way to incorporate math outdoors.

DIY outside Kitchen using wood or real cooker. Also essential and fairly easy/cheap I think! Hours of fun mixing mud leaves and all sorts!

These 25 outdoor kitchens are magnificent and perfect for entertaining friends and family! These spaces are so beautiful they will light up your grill!

Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

Great for outdoor play in summer, for a pirate day, or summer theme Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

Made in the UK. Treated outdoor timber. Cost £100 .

Build next to external water catch tank so kids can fill up sinks with makeshift faucet