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Perfumes to Try or Buy

Perfumes/Aftershaves/Colognes, these provocative beauties stimulate my senses, how can I describe them without word?
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Two master perfumers of the Creed dynasty, on the right is Oliver Creed whom might I add is the creator of my favourite perfume Silver Mountain Water and believe me this master piece draws many compliments from both genders!


Creed Aventus: one word: AMAZING! The finest ingredients were hand selected for this perfume, making it a provocative, masculine and optimistic fragrance


YSL Cinema has a beautiful glass bottle, very heavy and stylish, yet, sophisticated and demanding. The scent has a sexy fruity overture with a pleasant musky dry down that leaves the wearer relaxed and in control. I've smelt this perfume and it really does reflect a high end quality scent. I did not expect anything less from a famous fashion house like YSL.

Reminds of Creeds Royal Water Millesime, a fresh take on life with the wonders of the out doors. nature has a spectacular way of portraying what the mind and heart wishes to express in words.

My take on Aventus, when ever I wear this fragrance I feel more in control with my motives. soon as I saw this image I thought of Aventus immediately. what would your take be?

Thierry Mugler a taste of leather a genuine representation of a leather fragrance. probably the only leather fragrance scent that has been "marinated" using Muglers famous base fragrance with raw leather.. the result is a very masculine product that worn has a beautiful leather fragrance with Mugler DNA.

Creed SMW My fav! the only way to describe this iconic aromatic fragrance is by looking at the fresh snowy mountains that pose dominantly in some of the most prominent locations in the world.. check my other pin and you'll see what I mean #:-)


two of my favourite fragrances from the Thierry Mugler range. The bottle on the left aptly named Havana comprises of Honey and Tobacco which has resulted in a velvety smooth mature scent that is simply divine whilst the bottle on the right named A Taste of Leather progresses with the natural aroma of leather by delivering a strong desirable hit of leather and A*Men which mellows into a musky fog chocolate naughtiness.

A true beauty from Oliver Creed, one which almost everyone asks me about. Hoping to get more in on a regular basis