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Українська сорочка (Покуття).
FUNNY!!! Todd Oldham again...spring/summer 1992.
Ukrainian traditional embroidery вишивка "колодочками"
The Hungarian szür is derived from mantles over 2500 years old, and continued to be worn into the early 20th century. The garment was worn by shepherds mostly, providing protection from the harsh elements
Palestinian embroidery table runner . . The sky is the limit
Kamizelka - Etnodizajn "Wzornik" / ENG: http://www.etnodizajn.pl/patternbook/ #etno #folk #inspirations
Zdobienie kamizelki - Etnodizajn "Wzornik" / ENG: http://www.etnodizajn.pl/patternbook/ #etno #folk #inspirations
Palestinian Heritage

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Wall hanging - Palestinian embroidery and cross stitch.
Palestinian embroidery
Embroidery on Palestinian Women Dress
Ghoreza Dress
Love the colors in this Palestinian embroidery
Palestinian Handicrafts
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Palestinian ensemble via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art