BPS combined with Abe Suction Denture. Training course presented by Ivoclar in Australia. Visit site for link to YouTube.

Dr Abe presents: What is a Suction Denture?

▶ centric tray Technique - YouTube

Find original articles on all aspects of the suction denture technique at Japan Denture Association www.denture-association.jp/carte.html

British Dental Journal 2013 review of Mandibular suction-effective denture and BPS: a complete guide. Abe, Kokubo and Saito.

Dr Abe details the key procedures of his technique on his website suctiondenture.jp

Follow Dr Jiro Abe Suction Effective Mandibular dentures on his facebook https://www.facebook.com/abesuctiondenture

Profile: Dr Jiro Abe. Meeting the major challenge of prosthetic management of the edentulous patient.

Mandibular Suction - have you achieved it?

"Implant Not Assisted" Denture. Suction can be obtained in the manbiular denture. It comes down to a skilled interdisciplinary dental team. Dr Abe presents dentures as a reliable treatment alternative that has been used for many generations. Let us remember that implants are not universally accessible because of anatomic or personal issues.

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