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Mysore Sada Dosa ( Mumbai Roadside

Hmmm, when you want to have a quick and light meal, but are in too perky a mood for sada dosa, then go for the mysore sada dosa, which is not too heavy on the tummy but still has a nice, semi-spicy flavour, thanks to the mysore chutney!

Achari Paneer

Achari paneer is an aromatic accompaniment, which imbibes its flavour from a mixture of seeds used in the seasoning. A simple mixture of curds, flour and a few spice powders forms the base of this delectable cottage cheese preparation. pin

Crunchy Peach Custard

Crunchy Peach Custard is a recipe where caramelised brown sugar is combined with cornflakes and muesli mixture to give the required crunch to this peach dessert.