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Replicating a Colorful Abstract - Ballerina, Modern Impressionist Painting.

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This Photoshoot tries to create a minimal look of the woman who is at a cafe and her moods.

The concept behind this Photo shoot is Empowering shadows that are enhancing the female body to state that beauty is palpable while thoughts and intentions are invisible.

Creating an Infographic on Ebola.

This photoshoot is inspired by the bright colours, prints, bold accessories, mix-match of the Hippie and Boho Chics !

This is a Photoshoot based on a fairy tale, called Thumbellina, where the little girl was born from a flower in full bloom and was the size of a thumb.

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Product Shoot and Advertisement For Original Source Team: Anupriya, Sanjana,Shaurya.

My monogram - A W - Aradhana Wali Graphic design, Illustration.

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