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Nora Fok.' Million Dollar' Neckpiece. Detail. Nora Fok is one of Britain’s leading contemporary jewellers, who works with quite ordinary materials to create extraordinary results. The processes Nora uses – knitting, weaving, crocheting and knotting – transform linear nylon microfilament into simple and complex structures, inspired by her fascination with the natural world and the mathematical models that underpin it. Much of her work can be classified as jewellery, but she pushes the…


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Nora Fok

Nora Fok - This unusual flower needs careful interpretation-a self sown plant that comes up year after year in our garden. The way I have woven it shows the marve pink bell shaped petals standing proudly against the neighbouring flowering lavender.

Nora Fok

Nora Fok--UK artist. Not in metal, but art jewellery in textile techniques.

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