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marble tiles in a wooden box on a table with white and green accents, including gold foil
Resin Tissue stand + coaster
two coffee mugs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with the words today's special written on them
Resin (set of coaster + mug)
an abstract painting is displayed on a white surface with two handles and some red beads
Resin tray
a table tennis racket with an artistic design on it
Resin platter
two wooden cutting boards sitting next to each other on top of a shelf in front of a white wall
Resin platters
two pieces of black and gold art on a white surface next to some rocks in the shape of rectangles
Cheeseboard resin platter
two wine glasses sitting on top of a table next to plates with gold flowers in them
Resin glasses
a table with wine glasses and plates on it next to a potted green plant
Platter + coasters (resin)
a wooden plate topped with an ornament and other decorations on top of it
Resin tissue+platter