Painted Stair Risers

Collection by Danna Fuller

Danna Fuller
Pascal Anton: adhesive tape applied to painted stair treads & risers.


Tile or wallpaper stair risers

Idea to Steal: Mixed Prints on Stair Risers

I spotted this staircase with mismatched swatches of wallpaper applied to the base of each step on the cover of the spring catalog for Serena and Lilly. Here’s the design details that made this look work…1. A crisp white background lets the prints stand out, doesn’t compete and creates plenty of negative space between them.2. A simple color palette of navy and white with a shot of orange unifies the patterns and keeps things from looking too busy.3.

celestial stairs :) mosaic--wow :-)

celestial stairs :) mosaic--wow :-)

Painted stair risers

Decorating with polymer – Polymer Clay Daily

Pictures of beautifully painted stairs have been featured on decorating blogs recently. These inspirations made me itch to continue the saga of my own small

Stair risers painted

Should you paint your wood floors or is that blasphemous?

The clouds have parted and the sun is shining down upon *dadada daaa* the next trend I bring you...painted wood floors! They're striking, fascinating, awesome... Or are they? To tell you the truth, I am very torn about this trend. I love wood floors. Real, original, rich wood floors- especially rustic or dark wood floors. …

painted stair risers

A bientôt New York

..Slim Paley photo We bid adieu to New York! :( Above, a few mementos of our week. I’m a scrapbook keeper from way back, so I’m like a little squirrel wherever I go. I finished reading …

How could you not be happy seeing this as you head up the stairs?

Sans titre


The tile detail on the stair risers adds even more lively color to the home. Svoboda-Spanbock designed the stairs to look like a waterfall when someone is standing at the bottom and looking up. The top has more oranges and yellows — representing the earth — which gradually fade into more greens and blues to represent water.

Spanish style tile stair risers

Installations Lascaux Tile Company Traditional Portuguese and Spanish Tile Enhancements

Modern porcelain floor tile used on stair risers. Like it.

neutral tile stair risers

Tile risers at Jimmy Buffet's place, Lahaina, Maui.  This is what started my obsession with painted and tile stair risers.

Tile risers at Jimmy Buffet's place, Lahaina, Maui. This is what started my obsession with painted and tile stair risers.