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Shankarpalli aka shakarpare, are sweet maida biscuits also called as sweet diamond biscuits are a popular Indian snack item prepared during Diwali & Holi.Well, not just during festivals but also as a . Easy Indian Recipes, Indian Dessert Recipes, Sweets Recipes, Snack Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Indian Sweets, Cooking Videos, Cooking Games, Cheese Recipes

Shankarpali recipe - Sweet Shakarpare - Easy Shakarpara — Spiceindiaonline

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Indian Dry Jar Snack Recipes | | #58 Savory Snacks, Healthy Snacks, Snack Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Healthy Eating, Quick Indian Snacks, Diwali Food, Diwali Snacks, Nasta Recipe

Indian Dry Jar Snack Recipes, Best jar snack Indian recipes

Indian Dry Jar Snack Recipes : Ribbon Sev jar snack, Baked Methi Puris, Farsi Puri, Baked Nachni Chivda, Banana Pepper Wafers, Caramel Popcorn, Bhadang Murmura, Crispy Pasta Snack, Flax Seed Shakarpara, Murukku, Poha Chivda, Potato Wafers, Yellow Banana Chips.

step by step pictures & detailed video recipe. Pizza Mathri Bites is a delicious snack recipe with Italian twist made using pizza seasoning and cheese. Diwali Snacks, Diwali Food, Diwali Recipes, Dry Snacks, Savory Snacks, Yummy Snacks, Quick Indian Snacks, Easy Indian Recipes, Sweets Recipes

Namkeen Methi Pare | Kasuri Methi Mathri

ethi Pare is another version of Namak Pare/Nimki prepared during Diwali. Just like Namak Pare, Methi Pare is a simple snack which ideally should be crunchy on the outside and buttery soft inside. Step by Step Recipe & Video Recipe

बेक्ड नाचनी चिवडा रेसिपी, Baked Nachni Chivda Recipe In Hindi Dry Snacks, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Diabetic Recipes, Indian Food Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Lemon Uses, Ramadan Recipes, Garlic Paste

Baked Nachni Chivda recipe

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11 minutes

Who doesn’t like chivda! It does comes as a shock to diabetics that they can’t have deep-fried, oily chivda, but this recipe is sure to put the smile back on your faces. Here, we first make baked nachni sev and temper it to make tasty Baked Nachni Chivda. The use of lemon juice, garlic paste and other flavour enhancers in the nachni dough gives the sev a delectable flavour, which is further enhanced by the tempering. We have suggested a small but satisfying portion size, which is within the…

Banana Pepper Wafers, Deep fried snack from raw bananas by Tarla Dalal Raw Banana, Indian Food Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Stuffed Banana Peppers, Recipe Link, Bananas, Potato Salad, Healthy Snacks, Crisp

Banana Pepper Wafers, Deep fried snack from raw bananas by Tarla Dalal

Banana Pepper Wafers,Recipe Link :

लो कॅलरी आलू वेफर रेसिपी, Potato Wafers, Farali Potato Chips Recipe, Fasting Recipe In Hindi Potato Chips, Indian Snacks, Indian Food Recipes, Gourmet Recipes, Snack Recipes, Tasty Snacks, Potato Recipes, Farali Recipes

Potato Wafers, Farali Potato Chips Recipe, Fasting Recipe

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20 minutes

This faraali version of Potato Wafers is much, much tastier than regular wafers, because it is perked up with rock salt and black pepper. These two ingredients add a lot of zest to the Potato Wafers, making it a real treat to the palate. The irresistible crunch of Potato Wafers now comes together with a power-packed flavour too! Besides relishing these wafers with your faaral food or on days you are fasting, you can also serve these wafers as an evening tea snack or along with sandwiches and…

 Here is another way you can dish out pasta for children. Half-boiled and deep-fried Pasta Twists , they become a crunchy treat to eat. You can toss them with seasoning and serve. Experiment with pasta shapes and colours. Finger Foods For Kids, Healthy Meals For Kids, Kids Meals, Healthy Crackers, Dry Snacks, Ramadan Recipes, Happy Foods, Nutritious Meals

Crispy Pasta Snack ( Tiffin Treats) recipe

A completely unique snack, prepared somewhat like crispy noodles, which is used as a garnish in Oriental recipes. To prepare the Crispy Pasta Snack, pasta is cooked and dried completely. Then, it is deep-fried and tossed with aromatic and flavourful seasonings such as mixed herbs. Allow this to cool completely and store in an air-tight jar. You can send this delightful snack to school anytime you wish, but just make sure you pack it in an air-tight tiffin box so that it remains crisp and…

Poha Chivda by Tarla Dalal / Diwali Dry Snacks Idli Chutney, Coconut Chutney, Poha Recipe, Dal Recipe, Dry Snacks, Healthy Snacks, Indian Snacks, Indian Food Recipes, Ragi Dosa

Poha Chivda by Tarla Dalal / Diwali Dry Snacks

Poha Chivda, Pop a spoonful into your mouth and savour the crunchiness of this delectable snack! Recipe Link : S...

How to ready marvelous Almond Biscuits recipeCook Connect - Passion - Love - Food: How to ready marvelous Almond Biscuits recipe Homemade Biscuits, Vanilla Essence, Biscuit Recipe, Recipe Using, Love Food, Feta, Almond, Vegetarian, Snacks

Almond Biscuits recipe

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32 minutes

Nothing to beat the kick of serving homemade biscuits with tea, especially if it is a choice as popular as Almond Biscuits! Indeed, the aroma of Almond Biscuits baking in the oven is enough to make your whole family assemble in the kitchen for their share. These melt-in-the-mouth biscuits with a mild tinge of vanilla and the exciting crunch of almonds will appeal to everybody. You can even consider serving them at parties , with tea and coffee .

फरसी पूरी (Farsi Puri, Gujarati Diwali Dry Snack) by Tarla Dalal Dry Snacks, Diwali, Breakfast Recipes, Fries, Tea Cups, Stuffed Peppers, Cheese, Pepper Relish, Easy

फरसी पूरी (Farsi Puri, Gujarati Diwali Dry Snack) by Tarla Dalal

Farsi Puri, crispy flaky Gujarati snack recipe, served during Diwali festival.Recipe Link :