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there are many different colors of yarn on the table with bowls and spoons next to it
Wool and Dyes Oaxaca
a close up of many different colored items on a table with one being wrapped around the other
Rust Dye Shibori
Rust Dye Shibori Steel wool underneath and copper wire on top for added effects
a woman in blue shirt and white gloves working on a piece of wood with pine needles
Dyeing with Bleach - Threads
Create your own pattern with bleach
someone is sewing something on their jeans
30 Awesome DIY Ways To Transform Your Jeans - DIY Projects for Teens
Jeans Makeovers - Simple Stitch Over Denim Pocket Design - Easy Crafts and Tutorials to Refashion Your Jeans and Create Ripped, Distressed, Bleach, Lace Edge, Cut Off, Skinny, Shorts, and Painted Jeans Ideas
a fork and napkin sitting next to each other
DIY mudcloth napkins - almost makes perfect
diy mudcloth napkins | almost makes perfect
a white bed topped with pillows and a clock above the headboard in a bedroom
DIY Indigo Pillow
indigo pillow diy with a bleach pen More
paint or bleach pen                                                                                                                                                                                 More Upcycling, Jeans, Diy Jeans, Upcycled Denim, Diy Clothes
paint or bleach pen More
an air plant sitting on top of a wallet
DIY to Try: How To Make Your Own Mudcloth
DIY to Try: How To Make Your Own Mudcloth — Apartment Therapy Tutorial
four different patterns are shown in blue and white colors, each with an intricate design
Start A Fire
History of Surface Design: Shibori - Pattern Observer Images via: (clockwise from top left) 1. unknown source via Pinterest; 2. via ; 3. & 4. via ; 5. by shibori master Motohiko Katano via