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Baba Says: Abandon lust, wrath and avarice as they lead to self-destruction. -- Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sayi!

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If we are not striving to improve and go forward, the current of this world will force us to go backward…like swimming upstream in a river.

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Gifted with the power of his divine father, he soared through the heavens toward the sun. Vāyu went with him, covering him with a cool breeze so that he would not be burned by the sun. The sun-god also withheld his blazing rays as he understood that Hanumān was a great servant of Viṣṇu who would later assist Him on earth.

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All about sabarimala temple and swami sabarimala ayyappan: History of Makaravilakku-Makarajyothi

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Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple

Makara jyothi is lord ayyappan and makara vilaku is deebarathana by tribal ppl for lord ayyappan himself above the sky. Lord garudan - vishnu accompanies him at this time. Swaamiye sharanam ayyappa.

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