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IBM was the first organization to create a RDBMS, however, Oracle Organization created record in 1980 by launching its RDBMS, Oracle, for professional use.

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Oracle Factory Developer was built from the ground up in Oracle; it was first launched in Jan 2000 (release 2.0.4)

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The stage of Oracle coaching you get at CRB Tech is second-to-none. Training occurs in several different ways, such as class room coaching, on-line and Web-based programs, and on-the-job coaching.

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Oracle is the world’s most complicated and innovative data source. Perfecting this complicated set of applications needs many college-level skills.

A data mart is a simple form of a knowledge factory that is targeted on only one topic (or efficient area), such as sales, finance or marketing. Information marts are often designed and managed by only one division within a company.

Each database requires at least one database manager (DBA) to manage it. Because an Oracle database program can be large and can have many customers, often this is not a one person job. In such situations, there is a group of DBAs who share liability.

Grid Computing is a new IT structure that produces more resilient and cheaper company computer.

Certifications are especially important to those looking for career in an area that often has many applicants competitive for a single place. Oracle certification reveals the prospective company that the applicant has made the dedication to “learn their trade” and has the qualifications and information to quickly become an effective participant of their employees.

Database management can be thought of as having two major components – a knowledge design and a program for applying that design.