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Muhammad-The Arab founder of Islam, Muhammad is held by Muslims to be the chief prophet of God. He was born in Mecca. Muslims believe that the Koran was dictated to him by an angel sent from God. Prophet Muhammad Quotes, Quran Quotes, Prophet Muhammad Biography, Allah Quotes, Hindi Quotes, Religious Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Muslim Quotes, Prophets In Islam

Mosque Posters

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The History of Islamic Months - Ramadan just around the corner! Islam Religion, Islam Muslim, Islam Quran, Spiritual Religion, Islam Beliefs, Muslim Quotes, Religious Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Decoraciones Ramadan

The History of Islamic Months

Muharram Takes its name because fighting is prohibited during it. Safar Takes its name from sifr,which means to be empty, because the trails that the Arabs used for travel and business were empty because the sacred months had ended and fighting returned. Rab'l al -Awal Took their names from rab'i al-'ashab (dense gas) because it grew during these two months Jumad al -Awal &