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This is our religion "Islam" , learn you how to be a man in a time there are a lot of males not men . Elhamduallah for being muslima 😍 Muslim Quotes, Religious Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Moslem, Islam Marriage, Islam Women, Love In Islam, All About Islam, Islam Quran

It's what I want. Think I was in love. But no longer in contact. Verily Allah is testing my heart

what are the Traditional manners of Muslim women in Islam? list of bad manner, etiquette and good manners, victorin manner books and quranmualim. Hijab Quotes, Muslim Quotes, Religious Quotes, Morals Quotes, Life Quotes, Daily Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Relationship Quotes

May the virtues of Christ come to guide those currently dominated by the Law of Islam.

Empowering Hijab Quotes on Muslim Women Modesty Quotes, Hijab Quotes, Muslim Quotes, Beautiful Islamic Quotes, Islamic Inspirational Quotes, Beautiful Images, Beautiful Women, Islam Muslim, Allah Islam

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A woman's beauty does not need to be on display, she can be beautiful even covered. I cover for the sake of Allah. #Islam #muslim #muslimah #hijab #niqab #modesty

The History of Islamic Months - Ramadan just around the corner! Islam Religion, Islam Muslim, Islam Quran, Spiritual Religion, Islam Beliefs, Muslim Quotes, Religious Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Decoraciones Ramadan

The History of Islamic Months

Muharram Takes its name because fighting is prohibited during it. Safar Takes its name from sifr,which means to be empty, because the trails that the Arabs used for travel and business were empty because the sacred months had ended and fighting returned. Rab'l al -Awal Took their names from rab'i al-'ashab (dense gas) because it grew during these two months Jumad al -Awal &